Upcoming Productions

2024 Season

Fall Mainstage November 7-10: Funny: Not A Comedy, Actually Kinda Tragic is Written By Caroline Festa and Directed by Britt Berke.

Funny is tells the story of a rag-tag troupe of Clowns, as they rehearse for their mainstage production. Under the thumb of an ignorant producer, our protagonist and director of this troupe, Candice, must battle the give and take between her own artistic values and commercial success. Funny breaks the norms of a contemporary play by combining contemporary text and Clowning. The physical component of the piece, brings an exciting style of theatre to the Queens area, allowing its audiences to broaden their theatrical interests. Funny is a story for every human who is trying to make their mark in this big world. But after all, life really isn’t that serious, is it?! Maybe all we need is a collective belly laugh.

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