Our Story

Photo by Stephen Pucci

Our Mission

In mountain climbing terminology, a headwall is a region at the top of a cliff or rock face that steepens dramatically and often represents the most difficult part of the climb.

Headwall Theatre Company believes in treating a production just like a good climber treats a headwall. When you get to the difficult part you work harder and believe in and trust the others involved in the challenge. Then nothing can stop you.

Headwall Theatre Company is dedicated to providing the Queens community with affordable high quality theatre by creating a home for actors to develop the courage to break down walls, take risks, and do the scary thing to achieve their full potential.

The Birth of Headwall

As long as you are following your passion with good intentions you will most likely end up where you are supposed to be.

I started this theatre company in August of 2018. I was deeply moved by the death of two people I greatly admired. My former high school theatre director Jodi Davis and the director of the theatre program I attended at East Carolina University John Shearin. I had departed from theatre for a while to pursue fitness training trying to convince myself that I loved it. The deaths of the two most influential people in my life made me realize that what I truly love is theatre and always will. So I started a theatre company. I was telling my Dad I wanted to find a name that fits what I was trying to get out of the actors and WHY I chose to start a theatre company. Words like: risks, vital, “do the scary thing” would come up and they were inevitably taken or just didn’t work as a title. Then my father, who spent his younger years as a mountaineer said: what about Headwall? I was like, what the heck is that?! And when he explained how it is often the steepest and most difficult part of a climb and you have to figure out a way to get past it. It finally clicked.

In theatre, one can break down barriers, feel the emotional lives of others, express one’s deepest feelings, and open one’s heart. On stage, a lifeless costume on a coat rack becomes a reflection of the world around us because of the people who wear them and the others who assist them. I have come full circle. — Michelle Orosz

Since 2018 we have produced over 7 Productions and we are continuing to grow and expand. We are currently awaiting our 501(c)(3) status.